About Us

Welcome back! We’re new improved, and awesome.

Handcrafting has never been more badass.

Hey, I’m Leslie. I love handcrafted items and truly appreciate the value . I am a military spouse who wanted to help other spouses bring in some income by selling their unique products. So, here I am telling the world about awesome stuff!

Homefront Handmade is a resource to find any and all types of handcrafted products created by veterans and their family members. We pride ourselves in being open to all types of unique artisans, from a military spouse soap maker who makes detergent-free, life size grenade soap, to a veteran shop owner who builds hand cranked, rubber-band Gatling Guns that shot over 190 rubber bands (yes,it does exist).

If General Mattis crocheted sweaters, they would be listed on HomefrontHandmade.com.

If Lady Liberty sewed baby booties, you could find her Facebook page at Homefront Handmade.

If Uncle Sam were a glass blower, his glass shop located at 1600 Pennsylvania AveĀ could be found right here too.

You get it, right? Homefront Handmade members are patriotic AF and make awesome items you can’t find anywhere else. No ‘Made in China’ crap here!

Have something to share with us? Let us know!